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Relevant Tools has delivered billions of email messages. If you have had issues getting your emails delivered effectively, we can help you. Warm up, re-engage your list and start generating sales.

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Relevant Tools Setup

Step 1. Upload your list. You can have as many custom fields as you need. You can create multiple databases.

Create your email message

Step 2. Create your message. You can upload custom html or use one of our builders. Personalize your message with fields from your database.

Send your email campaign

Step 3. Send your mailing. The Relevant Tools Advanced Routing Engine will handle all the technical details of getting your messages delivered.

Click on images below to see example lead generation pages in action

Create your Offer

Service Business Offer

You will have your own custom image and be able to describe your business or service.

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Create your Lead Generation Landing Page

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Answer a couple of questions and we will create your lead generation landing page for you!

Your business information and service offering will be inserted into a professionally designed web page with your lead capture form.

Your email messages are automatically sent to your leads with Relevant Tools Auto Responders.

You can also install the form code into your own website landing pages.

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We have implemented hundreds of different integrations with a wide variety of systems

Custom integrations offer a competitive advantage. Whatever your requirements are, we can support them.

Integration points include:

  • Automatic installation of email messages
  • Full database installation from feeds or other sources
  • Data capture of individual records
  • Data output of individual records
  • Trigger status updates to external systems

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