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Relevant Tools Email Campaign & Online Database Features

Email Campaign Management

Free Email Marketing Trial

Upload your list in seconds and use the Quick Message option to broadcast your message to your subscribers. Or start with one of our responsive design newsletters that can be customized to your requirements. If you have been using MailChimp or Constant Contact you will find that Relevant Tools offers more flexibility and superior customer support with very competitive pricing. We take care of all the technical details to ensure that your messages are delivered. Real time reporting shows how your users are engaging with your message.

Web Forms with Auto Responders

Custom web forms capture data and store it in your Relevant Tools database and send personalized auto responder messages. Every time a new customer or prospect fills out your customized web form, they are added into your database and begin automatically receiving your emails. You can send a personalized email immediately after the web form is completed - perfect for distributing white papers, brochures or premium reports. We support attachments and offer responsive design so your messages look good on phones, tablets and desktops. Drip marketing enables you to automatically send a series of messages in the days and weeks following the initial signup.

Program Registration and Payment Processing

Relevant Tools forms are frequently used for event or program registration and are integrated with payment processing systems including PayPal, Stripe and Our Program Registration module supports shopping cart and checkout for multiple items. With the Program Registration module you can control your program offerings quickly and easily by updating your program database with new items. Inventory control is included so that program sales will be automatically halted when a program reaches capacity.

Sub Account Flexibility

You can have multiple sub accounts associated with your primary Relevant Tools account. Sub accounts have have restricted functionality and limited views of some or all of your data. Sub accounts are often used to allow regional staff members access to only the data that applies to their region with the primary account retaining control and oversight over all sub accounts. The other primary use of sub accounts is by web development and marketing agencies that have a sub account for each client. The client can have a customized and branded view of their information and results.

Powerful Databases

Upload your customer lists or build your database from Relevant Tools web forms or using curl submissions from other websites. Define as many custom fields as you need and setup multiple views of your information. We start you off with a contacts database. Create custom databases with as many fields as you require. Multiple databases can be linked to offer relational database functionality. We also support complex fields that can query other databases using information from the current database.

Data Powered Webpages

Using our Custom Report feature you can display information from your Relevant Tools database on your website. Updates to your database will automatically be reflected on your website. You can also use Relevant Tools's User Login feature to control access to selected pages or information on your website. Users entering a valid userid (or email address) and password that is contained in your Relevant Tools database will be able to proceed. Full tracking enables you to see who logged in and from where.

Track your results

Tracking reports tell your who opened your email and who clicked. Bounces and unsubscribes are automatically handled. Our tracking software allows you to follow the results of your mailing campaign in real time. We will provide immediate data on how many people open your email or click through to your website, giving you instant statistics on success!

Affordable Pricing Sets Us Apart

No obligation FREE Trial for up to 30 days. Basic Membership is just $10 a month. The VIP Membership provides seamless integration and increased database and mailing capacity for as little as $30 a month. Send up to 100,000 emails a month for $100 with no setup fees or annual contract.

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